Adult (Yetişkin) Testi


Adult (Yetişkin) Test

Hi, My name ___ Jack and I am _________.

A: _____________ ?
B : lt's J-E-N-K-I-N-S

____ is the third month ofthe year.

Jane is a/an ____ and she ____ in a primary school.

My father is a ____ and ____ car is black.

This is your coffee. That one is ________.

A: ___________ ?
B: 1 am the only child.

Look at those ____ . They are waiting for their _________.

The gym is open ______ 9 am _______ weekdays.

There aren't ____ students in the class.AII of them are in the yard.

A: How ____ money do you have?
B: Just ________.

Why __ she __ early every morning?

He ___ goes to the movies. He hates it.

My niece dislikes ___ milk.

My mother and I ____ in the kitchen at the moment.

I ____ to NY tomorrow.

Who __ you __ at the party last night?

Who ___ in that house?

Tom __ speak three languages.He is a very clever boy.

Ben ____ his father's car when the accident ______.

While we ____ TV, the lights ______.

Lucy and Mark ___ married 2001.

How long __ they __ each other?.

Have you ever __ abroad?

New York is ____ city I have ever lived in.

Jaguar is ________ Porsche.

I think you ___ leave now. lt's getting late.

You ___ drive ___ . lt's forbidden.

When I woke up this morning, my mom ___ already ___ the house.

By the time Sam ____ to the movies, the film _______.

When I ___ the class, the students _____ for 20 minutes.

Although my job is so _____, I always feel _____ when I get home.

You ____ pay any money for the entrance. lt's free of charge.

Look at those black clouds. it ____ rain.

I promise I ___ take you to the zoo.

The famous singer ____ dead in her house yesterday.

If I _____ you had canceled the meeting, I wouldn't have come.

I like your hair. Where _________ ?

If Jimmy ___ here now, he ___ make us laugh.

I was wondering ______ tell me when the next plane from Chicago arrives?

Is she the woman _______ husband is a famous musician?

John tells me Jack's going out with Helen, ___ I find hard to believe.

I don't know where ___ last night.

I am starving! I wish Bill ____ all the food in the refrigerator.

Would you mind ___ outside? I don't want ___ awful.

By the time Mary gets here, the lesson _______.

I am not very interested __ sports.

Joey ___ late tonight. His office light is still on.

Because she is British , she _______ on the left.

Since my mother doesn't let me __ , I had to __ it __ last week.